Banking on Blockchain: Exploring Daniel Coheur’s Passion for the Blockchain Evolution

Daniel Coheur is excited about the future of blockchain as a more efficient way to represent financial instruments, especially in banking. The adoption of blockchain by large institutions is not a revolution, he says, but an evolution to a next gen infrastructure. As Co-founder and CCO of Tokeny, a security token ecosystem, Daniel has seen his fair share of technological disruptions in the financial sector.

“The speed at which this evolution will take place will indeed create a real threat to those organizations that are not in a position to respond to the needs of their clients,” Daniel said.  

As a transformative tool, for example, blockchain “brought an opportunity to disrupt [the real estate] market by digitizing the end-to-end user experience and creating a digital representation of that [real world] investment,” he continued. 

Tokeny delivers tools and solutions to issue, manage, control and custody digital securities on a blockchain infrastructure. This year, they are set to create a standardized industry token as open source technology, meaning that its source code will be available to use and modify. 

“We want to remove every barrier of entry to tokenization to enable the creation of [tokens] that have a value on a public chain,” explained Daniel. 

As to compliance to regulatory standards, Tokeny’s token “strictly enforces compliance that exists today,” he ensures. As open source, the token” removes barriers to technology adoption,” and “hides the complexity of the technology” to attract more users.

Tokeny sees themselves as the middle ground “between business applications and platforms where assets are represented.” 

“Blockchain is a more efficient way to represent financial instruments, and legacy infrastructure will be removed for that simple reason,” he concludes. “I don’t know any bank today that doesn’t have a digital component.”

Listen to Daniel’s full interview with BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar.

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