The Metaverse According to May Mahboob

It’s hard not to get caught up in May Mahboob’s enthusiasm for her new venture. Some of the credit, she says, goes to her 7-year-old who loves Roblox, an online game platform and game creation system that is all encompassing in allowing users to program games and play games created by others. 

As Co-founder and President of the recently launched MBD Financials, the decentralized, photorealistic, Metaverse Business District, May is betting on the fact that “more and more brick and mortar locations are closing down—I think that’s a huge COVID impact—and everything is going online.” 

The metaverse, says May, ”is a virtual environment where you’re able to interact with others and purchase digital assets.” This is the perfect symbiotic relationship for businesses that want to twin their digital assets with actions in the real world. 

Born in Bangladesh, May grew up in New York and in Texas. While it has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Bangladesh is also home to extreme poverty among a majority of the population. The metaverse, she says, can bridge the gap between accessibility, technology, and financial stability for businesses and consumers alike. 

“Every single person’s socioeconomic status starts with a business,” explains May. “Whether you work for an organization (and it doesn’t have to be a retailer) or you’re in education, it’s still a business at the end of the day. And it revolves around revenue.

“How do we generate revenue? There’s a product or service to sell, and that’s part of what our ecosystem is built around…. If an entrepreneur opens up a virtual shop, they’re trading the entire brick and mortar location for a virtual storefront that you’re able to geotag in the real world. You’ll still have that marketing presence and people are still able to see your products.”

The tangible use case comes from individuals earning virtual assets online and converting them in the real world. This mixed reality is what’s driving MBD in a perfect blend of the virtual and the real worlds . 

“Everything on chain makes it easier for organizations” to be able to source entrepreneurship, employees, and even customers, May suggests. 

Not everything is roses. “If we want to scale our user adoption and accessibility then we need to simplify the [technological] process and have multiple ways that users can interact,” she says.

Catch the intangible excitement as May explains her metaverse philosophy. Listen to her full conversation with BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar at this link

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