Blockchain Will Produce a Human Flourishing Says Michael Flight

Michael Flight is on a mission. He wants to educate two groups of people to understand the benefits of tokenized real estate. The first are the crypto geeks who don’t yet realize that tokens backed by real world assets are far more stable and secure than many cryptocurrencies. 

The second group are the traditional real estate sponsors and investors who think they are immune to the disruptive technology of blockchain. “I mean, if you’re a successful real estate mogul and you’ve got your system in place, do you really want to make that transition to a different system?” Michael posits. 

The answer, in no uncertain terms, says founder of Liberty Real Estate Fund, and co-founder of the Blockchain Real Estate Summit, is yes! “The tech is fantastic. Sponsors can be exposed to a much wider audience. For example, you can automate K-1 federal tax documents. 

“Blockchain is instantaneous value transfer,” he continues. “It’s the financial rails of the future.”

In a cordial conversation with BlockSolid host Yael Tamar, Michael happily “geeked out” in discussing the benefits of blockchain to a wider audience. “Human flourishing is what I’m interested in,” he explains, citing the financial freedoms that blockchain brings.

This is all the more so as Michael predicts a future with “a lot of rough sledding,” from additional inflation and a possible recession. 

Listen to the full interview with BlockSolid podcast host Yael Tamar on Episode 49.

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