Managing your LPs More Efficiently is a Hidden Benefit of TokenSuite™

What if we told you that tokenizing your asset with TokenSuite™ would allow you to fully automate onboarding your investors and limited partners (LPs); and that with a click of a button, you could distribute dividends and yields to them?

TokenSuite™ has a dedicated Issuer Dashboard from which you can manage your entire group of investors. This will give you more time to actually market your asset rather than deal with administrative paperwork.

Here’s how you can manage your LPs with the TokenSuite™ Issuer Dashboard:

  1. Create an offering page that reflects your project and your company brand, and that allows investors to read your project documentation;
  2. Invite a group or individuals to join your tokenization project with a personalized email;
  3. Use the touchless KYC/AML validation and accreditation process and track their progress in the process; and 
  4. Follow data on token purchases and their market performance;

Making Compliance Easier

In addition to onboarding LPs, TokenSuite™ automates the keeping of books and records. The blockchain technology that powers tokenization will redefine these transactions, i.e., the books, accounts, records, memoranda, correspondence and other documentation or information that is required to be kept according to SEC securities laws in all real estate transactions. 

A type of distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain ensures that a token’s data cannot be tampered with and provides a secure, transparent and encrypted means of recording all of a token’s ownership details. The transparency of blockchain means that all records are available to be viewed by interested parties. 

What is the 1-click distribution system?

Because TokenSuite™ keeps track of your investors and their wallet information,* TokenSuite™ becomes the method by which you can pay out dividends of your asset. The 1-click distribution system calculates what your LPs or investors have earned based on the number of tokens they hold and the asset’s growth over the payment period, and automatically deposits the correct amount in their wallet or bank account with a single click.

When we showed our TokenSuite™ demo to one of our clients, we demonstrated how our 1-click distribution system relieves you of endless paperwork.

“Stop right there,” they said. “Are you telling me I won’t have to write any checks again to my LPs? I hate writing checks.”

TokenSuite™ makes it easy to issue, manage and allocate tokens. You’ll leverage blockchain for its decentralization, transparency and immutability, and discover the benefits of automated Books and Records, KYC/AML whitelists, distribution of funds, and financial due diligence that’s integrated directly into the token. Tokenization creates a paperless way to manage investors compliantly.

About SolidBlock

SolidBlock is a leader in Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) for real estate, integrating blockchain and Web3 technology to allow real world assets to join in the emerging blockchain economy. TokenSuite™ by SolidBlock empowers asset owners to trade, raise capital, and collateralize their tokenized property on a secure, immutable, and transparent system.

In 2018, SolidBlock successfully tokenized the first commercial real estate project in US history, the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, CO, pioneering the legal, regulatory and technological framework that has become the industry standard for tokenized assets today.

If you have an asset you’d like to tokenize, fill out this form to set up a discovery call with our team. 

*All wallet information is private and cannot be viewed by the asset owner or other investors. 

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